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RV’ing With Your New Puppy

RVing With Your New Puppy

Summer is finally here, and with summer comes sunshine, warm air and the open road. For many people, summer is all about RVing and the adventures ahead. For RV enthusiasts that may have picked up a new puppy since their last trip, it is not uncommon to feel anxiety towards taking your new dog with you RVing. After all, puppies are delicate animals and the road can be difficult even for seasoned travelers. This should not discourage you from taking your puppy on your next RV trip, however, as it can be safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

When taking your puppy on an RV trip, it helps to have an idea of what you will be doing with the dog for fun, as dogs – especially puppies – can get extremely restless if not exercised on a regular basis throughout the day. Taking this into consideration, you may want to plan ahead and make a list of outdoor dog parks that run along your route, as this can be a great way to give your puppy his or her own little vacation. Touring dog parks can be great fun for both the dog and the family, and is completely free. It can also give you time to stretch and clear your head before heading back out on the road.

Another great way to help your dog let out some energy is to stop at rivers and streams along your route, as puppies love to swim. While you must use caution (IE skip the large lakes, always use a leash), allowing your dog to swim while under your control can be a great way to both occupy and tire out your puppy rather quickly, ensuring a restful ride in the RV.

Remember that your puppy is somewhat of a fragile animal, and most be shown significant, personalized care throughout the trip. Always make sure your dog has cold, fresh water at all times, as dehydration – especially in the summer – can jeopardize your dog’s health. Be sure to check for bugs and ticks if the dog runs through wooded areas during your trip to avoid bringing them into the RV. Also, be mindful of your puppy’s time in the sun – if it’s too hot, bring the dog inside. Finally, always make sure the dog gets exercise every two hours or so to prevent restlessness and over-excitement.

Article submitted by Victoria Knight from Pet-Super-Store in Victoria. Link below.