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Twitter, Facebook and Hootsuite?

If you’re from my over 60 generation you know how “twitterpated” all this social media can make you. I attended the BC Association of Travel Writers symposium in Vancouver, followed by the Travel and Words conference in Port Townsend for tow days. What started with Owen Clark, founder of ByzHub.com showing us the advantages of linking our sites up to Hootsuite, continued on with Julie Ferguson of Beacon Literary Services, telling the importance of sharing the love instead of selling. Hoot what? Are we owls? My brain was on overload by the time we headed across the border to my next banquet of knowledge.

I’d paid an extra $20 to have Colleen Wright, owner of Response Interactive to evaluate my web site. It was the best $20 ever spent! Did you know that the title on your main page shouldn’t be over 65 characters for optimal search engines finding you? Came home and fixed that right away.

It’s an exciting though sometimes mind boggling task but it goes to prove that we are never too old to learn how to “hoot our own horns.”