Glamping, An RVers Version of Camping

Glamping? That would be camping in an RV, thus the glamorous and camping aspect all covered. Tenter’s sometimes mock us when we say we are going camping in our warm, dry motor-home.  I’ve done my tent time with sand in the sleeping bag  and a rock under it. I’ve shivered in the cold morning air, getting the fire started. No more. I want to be comfortable, dry, and have my own toilet at 3 a.m. No pain, not gain? Not for this camper. No pain equals happy wife.

That goes for cooking while glamping too. I love to experiment with food when we are RVing. Being  out of my home kitchen sets my creative cooking juices going, but I want it to be simple and yummy. When I heard about these two guys who travel around giving cooking demos for camping or the back yard barbecue, I was intrigued. Besides they remind me of the Red Green Show. A recent video had them making clam chowder the easy way. Check them out Ultimate Camp Cooking.

Last time we camped, we made Banana Boats. Decadence personified!

Lay a banana on its side and take a small slice from the top length wise. Make a shallow V in the banana running length wise. This is where all the goodies will go. Use your imagination. We put in mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and almond slivers. Put the top back on and wrap carefully in tin foil. You can either put it on the top shelf of the barbecue or in the hot coals of the campfire. They take about 15 minutes, and look gross when they come out but OMG they are beyond delicious especially with ice cream. Warning: They are addictive.

Happy glamping! May the wind be at your back, and the bugs outside.

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