Lessons from the Potholes of Life: book by Barb Rees

 Lessons From the Potholes of Life is not only a very candid exposé of the author’s life, but it’s also a toolkit with exercises to help you dig for your own diamonds. Barb’s book will give you the courage to turn what appear to be boulders of coal into valuable diamonds.   Taken from 26 of her stories  that cover everything from teen pregnancy, divorce, widowed, nervous breakdown, child rearing, death, and in the end a successful writing career and marrying her best friend. 

Although out-of-print at this time, orders are being taken for future publication.  Until then, remember that no matter how deep the pothole you’re in with the world dumping crap on your head; if you dig hard enough you will always find a diamond at the bottom. It’s all in your attitude.
Happy mining!

ISBN 0-9687351-2-6

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