2010 in Rees Review

It’s been a quieter year for the Rees’s as we stayed closer to home in preparation for the next “really big show” in 2011 when we take the new RV book on a 4 month tour. The manuscript draft is complete for “RV Canada’s Far North On A Dream” and now we start on the polishing and publishing by May 15/11.

I completed a 10 part series in Snowbirds & RV Travel about the 2009 northern trip. The Métis magazine Whispering Winds also carried some articles. My 2011 goal is to find new paid markets to write for. There are plenty of free magazines that expect writers to write for free and that’s how I got started but no more. I’ve done my time. As a member of the BC Association of Travel Writers I was privileged to go on my first all expenses paid “fam” tour to Dawson City in June. Thrilling and fun …I want to do more of this.

Boo the menopausal van was retired in Dec.2009, traded in on a 1992 Dodge Travel Home high top camperized van now known as Boo 2. We’ve had a ball this year taking little trips in her, sometimes just for the day but a nice getaway. She towed the 27 ft. trailer up to Kelowna for the RV Lifestyle Seminars in June without any problems. So now we have the best of both worlds.

We acquired a new puppy in April the same week Dave lost his only brother, Bill. Pali,a Shitzu/poodle, chihuahua cross is 3 pounds of love and bossy attitude. He’s changed our lives and the energy in our home.

Dave went to work at Wal-Mart in Sept in preparation financially for the big trip. He’s living proof that 68 yr old guys still can find work. While we have our health we are going to make good use of our time.

Métis of Powell River went from 3 of us to forming own community. How exciting to feel like I belong, like this is the family I’ve been missing after years of not knowing. It will be official in February and then we’ll start planning events and educational components.

As we close the door on 2010, hope you can look back on it with few regrets and look forward to an even better 2011. Life fully without excuses or regrets, make a difference in the world.

2 thoughts on “2010 in Rees Review”

  1. Hi Barb and Dave.
    It was so interesting meeting you at teh farmers market near Arnes. Val was so pumped to meet you. I, not being a reader am reading the book she bought. Makes us gals wanna keep going on adventures with our motor home ‘The Pink Lady’. Look forward to reading more of your travels.
    Take Care

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