Your Home On Wheels Yearly Maintenance Checkup

Maintenance? Preparation? Don’t you just throw some food and clothes in the RV that’s been sitting  all winter and drive it off? WRONG! That’s a sure recipe for disaster at some level. I know  because we just took our trailer out for the long weekend after it being brought home from a lengthy trip then sitting all winter. The only good thing about this story is we were close to home, only 20 mins up the road at Inland Lake Provincial Park.The new Boo 2 with trailer at Inland Lake

A trailer tire dragging on the road as Dave braked was our first hint that things weren’t quite right. Guess the brakes should have been adjusted after the 115 day trip last year. Too late to do it, just put up with the dragging and the campers stares wondering what why we were driving it like that.That’s One!@

Our next indicator we should have checked the trailer over was when we noticed the fridge wouldn’t stay lit. Nothing … no amount of cursing or banging would light it so for 3 days we depended on the little one in the van and a block of ice. That’s TWO!@

The second night on this very chilly wet weekend I woke to hear the furnace running and running. When we’re boondocking and dependant on the batteries, the furnace can drain them very quickly so alarm bells were ringing in  my head. But when I got up to turn it off I discovered it was blowing cold air. Great…now we didn’t have heat. Good thing we were heading home that day. That’s THREE!@

Does any of this sound familiar? Then take heed. Especially after a lengthy trip, go over everything, the tires, brakes,  fridge, stove and propane serviced by a professional.  If the RV has sat all winter, it should still be serviced and checked. In my second book “RV Canada With Boo the Menopausal Van” you’ll find a complete list of things to do and how to prepare for your trip. Yes, I know I should read it again.

See you on the road somewhere,and not broken down.

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