About Barb

Dream BIG!
Raise the bar, reach for the stars!
Don’t wait for all the lights to be green at the same time! Just go for it!

These ideals are what Barb stands for but she hasn’t always been that confident in herself or her worth. Coming from an abusive childhood, fatherless at 12 and pregnant at 17 were not good starts. Divorced, widowed, mother of four, nervous breakdown while in an abusive marriage, and still, she landed on her feet. In spite of life’s challenges she calls potholes, Barb became a strong, confident woman who encourages others to Dream Big! As in her book “Lessons From the Potholes of Life,” there are diamond lessons at the bottom of every pothole.

Barb loves a challenge that has lent itself to her being instrumental in starting organizations: Valley Woman’s Network, Red Hatters in Powell River, Powell River Festival of Writers(turned PR Writers Conference), Sassyscribes writer’s group, and Powell River Metis. With her best friend, husband Dave at her side they are very involved in the community. 

For relaxation, she journals and gets close to nature. Photography is her second love to writing so you’ll usually find a camera in her hand. A few of her thousands of photos are posted on this site. She’s a freelance member of the BC Travel Writers Association.  

Without an official university degree in hand she has her own degree … the school of life/SOL. Her insatiable appetite for learning has given her many skills she shares with others.

This M├ętis travel writer, author of four books, speaker, trainer, photographer and organizer lives by the premise …
If you can dream it you can do it, so get out of your own way
and make your dreams come true!

RV Canada travel books, free-lance writer/photographer