About Barb: An  author of 9 books, travel writer, photographer, speaker, and presenter at  RV travel shows,  but most of all a Big Dreamer! With her husband Dave at the wheel, they have explored Canada from coast to coast to northern coast.  With thousands of kilometers of experiences behind them, they are a source of valuable RV resources. Barb’s first book in 2001 was:

  Lessons From the Potholes of Life 2. It tells 26 of of her life stories with valuable diamond lessons. Email to order: dreambg1@telus.net

Her second book RV Canada On A Dime And A Dream (published 2007) was the result of their courageously literally working their way across Canada in 2003 on very little money. There old 1977 motor-home, loaded with brandied blackberry sauce, books, and driftwood  took them to places they’d only dreamed of. 

RV Canada On A Dime And A Dream 

RV Canada With Boo The Menopausal Van: 2007 was their second cross Canada adventure, paying for the trip by selling at markets and festivals. They did it in a van Barb named “Boo the Menopausal Van” because she was so cranky. She hated the heat and going up hills.  She was towing a 27 ft. trailer. They left the trailer in Cape Breton, and took the van for a week up the west coast of Newfoundland. That wetted their appetite for more Newfoundland.

RV Canada’s Far North On A Dream: 2009 their third trip took them  “North of 60” in the same cranky van. What a magnificent time they had exploring the Yukon, up 720 km of Dempster gravel to Inuvik, NT. A Mackenzie River tour from there took them to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean. They made new friends in Yellowknife, NT.

RV Canada and the Polar Bear Dream: 2011 was an epic trip that started with the van burning up in the mall before they left home, buying a 32 ft motorhome that broke down throughout the trip and ended with their son being in an accident that resulted in him being paralyzed. They lived in their rig in campground, driving back and forth to VGH for three months.  The summer “book-ended by sorrow” also had many memorable moments like seeing bears and belugasinChurchill,MB.

RV Canada An Exotic Land: 2013 they took the now repaired 32 ft motorhome towing a car to Newfoundland. The trip covered over 21,000 km. 32 days in NL opened our eyes to all that makes NL unique. It’s wild beauty inspired Barb to name Canada An Exotic Land. Sitting with the Puffins or standing on the most eastern point of land in North America were but a few of the highlights.

RV Canada A Year of Anniversaries:  After the expense of hauling a huge motorhome around, they decided smaller was better. They bought a 1988 25 ft C-Class RV.  Much better and no more towing. This 2017 trip saw them return  to northern BC, and to the Yukon. They checked Haida Gwaii off their bucket list with 10 days wandering this culturally rich land. 

RV Canada’s Northwest Adventures: 2019 saw them they travelling 10,500 km from Powell River, BC to Yellowknife, NT through the northern wilderness of Canada in a new to them 1988 26ft C-Class rig. They braved over 500 kms of gravel to take the Deh Cho Connector from NT to BC. It was going to be the first trip without any mechanical problems or running out of money but that winning streak came to an end in Smithers. Dave had a stroke but luckily it wasn’t a bad one. The stroke was the beginning of a tragic end to their year but the beginning of a new, more relaxed way of living. Every pothole has a diamond if we’re wiling to dig for it.

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 Articles have appeared in: Snowbirds & RV Travel, RV West Magazine  RV Times , Harbors in-flight magazine, Senior Living and M├ętis Whispering Winds magazines.


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Boya Lake, BC







Long Beach, BC







Dempster Highway on the way to NT

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  1. Hi Barb and Dave,
    Loved your book RV Canada’s Far North on a Dream. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon and will be recommending your book to all my friends and visitors.
    I have an idea for a book to research and publish. Can you get in touch with me please?
    Carol Ann

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