About Barb: A  Métis author of 9 books, travel writer, photographer, speaker, and presenter at  RV travel shows,  but most of all a Big Dreamer!

  Lessons From the Potholes of Life 2,  26 of my life stories with valuable diamond lessons. Email to order: dreambg1@telus.net

RV Canada On A Dime And A Dream2003, the first working holiday across Canada to the east coast in 2003 in a 1977 motor-home loaded with brandied blackberry sauce, books and driftwood.

RV Canada With Boo The Menopausal Van: 2007, our second effort at paying for a trip by selling at markets and festivals; this time in a cranky van towing a 27 ft. trailer to Newfoundland.

RV Canada’s Far North On A Dream: 2009, our third trip took us “North of 60” in the same cranky van up to Inuvik, NWT and to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean.

RV Canada and the Polar Bear Dream: 2011 was an epic trip that started with the van burning up in the mall before we left home, buying a 32 ft motorhome that broke down throughout the trip and ended with our son being in an accident that resulted in him being paralyzed and us living in Surrey for three months in our RV. In between were many memorable moments, bears and belugas. 

RV Canada An Exotic Land: 2013 took the motorhome to Newfoundland covering over 21,000 km. The month in NL opened our eyes to all that makes NL unique and exotic.


RV Canada A Year of Anniversaries: 2017 trip to northern BC, the Yukon and to Haida Gwaii now available.

RV Canada’s Northwest Adventures: 2019 they travelled 10,500 km from Powell River, BC to Yellowknife, NT through the northern wilderness of Canada.

“Anyone can dream. Anyone can turn their dreams into reality. Just because something is improbable doesn’t mean it is impossible.”

 Alan Mallory/Canadian Toastmaster who climbed Mt. Everest with his family

Articles have appeared in: Snowbirds & RV Travel, RV West Magazine  RV Times , Harbors in-flight magazine, Senior Living and Métis Whispering Winds magazines.


Boya Lake canoe waits

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2013 News

Armed with our four RV Canada  books, brandied blackberry sauce, Dave’s fused glass jewelry,  and a “Big Hairy Audacious Dream” we set out May 16/13 from Powell River, BC bound for Newfoundland. This was the fifth time in 10 years we’d tested our faith in the belief we could help support a big trip with sales. We set out in our 32 ft. motorhome …the same one that broke down repeatedly on the 2013 trip. The difference? She had mega mechanical work done so she wouldn’t break down and bless her little oil-covered heart she only had minor difficulties. We were gone for 136 days. We only paid for 23 nights thanks to a network of friends, many malls, and free camping with Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome. From this amazing adventure a new book  RV Canada An Exotic Land was born in the fall of 2014.   Dreams really do come true. It’s been the reoccurring theme for our 22 years together and for all five trips. Yes, we were tested but never let it be said we didn’t live our lives to the fullest. Between the rig and the car, we covered 21,881 km of glorious exotic Canada!!

St. Mary's Ecological Reserve
Dave at St. Mary’s Bird Rock, NL

In 2014 we traded the 32 ft motorhome in on a 24 ft. C-Class. We are enjoying so much more freedom and less cost on the ferries with a smaller unit. RVing continues to offer us the freedom to explore and meet new people no matter the high cost of fuel. Life is about living it to the fullest.

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“You don’t have a money problem; you have an idea problem.” Robert Schuller


Cowan Lake, SK

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  1. Hi Barb and Dave,
    Loved your book RV Canada’s Far North on a Dream. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon and will be recommending your book to all my friends and visitors.
    I have an idea for a book to research and publish. Can you get in touch with me please?
    Carol Ann

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